Angry Young Men

angry-menWriting from personal and professional experience, Aaron Kipnis shares both the riveting story of his own troubled youth-and how he turned himself around-and the successful approaches he has used to help “bad boys” become good men. Angry Young Men offers specific, practical advice for parents, teachers, counselors, community leaders, and justice professionals– everyone who wants to help at-risk boys become strong, productive, caring, and compassionate men.

“Everybody committed to increasing our public safety will benefit from the effective strategies for healing ‘bad boys,’ thereby enabling them to become productive adults rather than career criminals.”
— Senator John Vasconcellos, chair of the California Senate Public Safety Committee

“One of the most important books written in the last decade.”
— Robert Bly, author of Iron John and The Sibling Society

“With unique passion and insight, Aaron Kipnis shatters the myths about troubled young men in our society. A compassionate look that compels each one of us into action.”
— Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys and A Fine Young Man

“With stories of the triumph of human courage against insurmountable odds, Aaron Kipnis clearly demonstrates that redemption, human dignity, and transformation are possible among the most troubled of our youth.”
— Dr. Robert E. Roberts, executive director, Project Return, Tulane University Medical Center