The Midas Complex

angry-menMoney. It’s funny stuff. Cold, hard, and inert, yet it can change us like few other things. The Midas Complex systematically peels back the veil surrounding our culture’s obsession with money. The book will help readers at all economic levels better understand the myriad ways money affects their sense of self. It details fresh, liberating pathways out of money’s traps and genuine ways for people to transform our society, gain greater happiness and create a better quality of life.


“In this wonderful book, Dr. Kipnis addresses the question, “What can we do to move towards a saner, more fulfilling relationship with money?” His answers may surprise you! They are insightful and of great value to anyone wanting to learn more about money, happiness and the real meaning of life.”
— Bob Chartoff, Academy Award winning producer: Rocky, The Right Stuff, Raging Bull

“The most comprehensive study I know about the true nature of money. Aaron Kipnis deeply understands money’s power, pathologies and pervasive impact on all our lives.”
— Robert D. Wagner, Jr., Ph.D., Investment Banker for 40+ years.

“A surprising, provocative look at the shadow of money—how it grips us, wrecks its havoc, and can set us free.”
— Connie Zweig, Ph.D., author: Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow