What Women and Men Really Want

women-and-menWhat might you discover about male-female relationships if you took a mixed group into the wilderness to live together for several days and explore their gender differences? That’s what authors Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron wanted to know. So they organized just such a trip. This book tells you what happened. As exciting as a fast-paced novel, WHAT WOMEN AND MEN REALLY WANT takes you along to the centre of their camp as the participants encounter runaway horses and a group of macho hunters . But when neat and well-ordered sociological norms collapse, unexpected harsh realities emerge. You will find this both an entertaining read and also a suggestion of how we can all enjoy more whole and fulfilling relationships.


“A must read for anyone wanting deeper insight about how to improve relationships between men and women. An immensely useful, timely and important contribution.”
—John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Raises serious issues in an amusing, provocative, and accessible way.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Goes beyond the problem to a possible solution: a ground breaking model for gender peace that might make it possible for men and women to quit blaming each other and start to truly get along.”
—Utne Reader

“In its celebration of what’s good about gender differences, this book deals a well- deserved blow to the battle between the sexes.”
—Susan Estrich, law professor, University of Southern California, and news commentator