Dr. Kipnis speaks regularly at a variety of events, conventions, conferences and venues. His experience ranges from large professional conferences, to smaller, more intimate settings and community based seminars. He often speaks on the topics of his books, or on a specific issue that an organization wishes to address. Currently the psychology of money—The Midas Complex—is his preferred topic.

Aaron works individually with the leadership and/or event planner to design a keynote, half-day, or all-day seminar that best serves the needs of the client. His philosophy and desire is to help further the vision, mission, and objective of the event or organization, and to that end, he makes himself personally available in the content development process. Dr Kipnis is noted for his good humor, articulate, inspiring presentations, and warm, personal engagement with his audiences.

“Dr. Kipnis’ talks at Harvard were wonderful. He opened up many minds…” – John E. Mack, Pulitzer Prize–winning professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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